Choosing A Car Rental For You

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Visiting a new city or state for travel comes with so much planning that many may feel pressured into booking the first option available rather than doing their research. Cheapest hotels may make for economical accommodation, but not if you are situated far off from the rest of local attractions and sights.

Similarly booking a car rental Dunedin Airport, should not be the first vehicle you see with availability at the lowest price. Because ultimately, these are the aspects of a holiday that can often make it a positive or negative experience. The ideally located accommodation should be tidy, have good referrals from previous guests and have plenty to do in the area. Likewise, car rentals should be in good working condition, spacious and safe for the family. 

But how do you go about choosing a car rental that’s best suited for your plans? Some have the misconception that popular features come along with a hefty price tag and others believe that a vehicle should only offer the very basics, especially if it’s just a rental. However, we can’t help but disagree. Here are some affordable additions your rental should come with to make your drive much more pleasant. 

Extra Ports 

Whether you only need a rental for a day or a week, charging ports are essential for several reasons. Cell phones can quickly become your way of keeping up with an itinerary, allowing you to quickly find gas stations or rest stops and even help get you roadside assistance in an emergency. While it may seem unnecessary to some, extra ports can literally be a lifesaver. 

Good Fuel Consumption 

Another useful feature of your next rental is having a vehicle with low fuel consumption. Not only will this give you more mileage for your money, but you can also stay within budget on long road-trips. However, this doesn’t mean you have to find a cheap rental as most vehicles these days offer low fuel consumption as a standard feature. 

Sufficient Storage 

Travelling on a tight budget can sometimes be a nightmare to do, with a large family. Instead of squeezing everyone into a sedan because it’s the cheapest option, browse through bigger vehicles with adequate space to seat everybody comfortably. Although you may want to save some money, renting out a small car can be a hassle if you have to fit everyone in, including their luggage. 

Of course, nice-to-haves such as a reverse camera or park assist can make for a convenient trip – don’t discount them as too expensive add-on’s. At NZ Rent A Car Dunedin, we provide cost-effective solutions for car rental from Dunedin Airport that can accommodate your budget. Our rentals are in excellent condition, and we have a large variety of rental vehicles for your perusal. To find the right car rental for you, give us a call today to see what we can offer you.  

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