FAQs About People Mover Rentals

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Otherwise known as vans and minibuses, people movers can accommodate up to fifteen passengers, depending on your requirements. However, if you’re looking into a people mover rental, you should first read about the most frequently asked questions, before you sign the agreement. 

What’s The Minimum Age Required To Get A People Mover Rental?

In most cases across New Zealand, the minimum age requirement to hire a people mover is 25 years old. However, because the legal driving age is sixteen, you can get a people mover rental if you’re under 25, but it might incur additional fees. 

Do I Need A Specific Driver’s License To Get A People Mover Rental?

No. When hiring a people mover in New Zealand, you need to have a current drivers license appropriate for the car you want to drive. Fortunately, if you’re getting a people mover rental, you won’t need a specific license to drive it – you can use the standard license you received upon passing your driver’s license test. 

When Is The Right Time To Change My Rental Period?

Did you get your dates wrong? Did the timeframe change? Sometimes, you’ll need to change your rental period, and it’s doable as long as you do it with enough notice. Remember, even though you have booked your people mover rental for the original period, the same vehicle may be booked by someone else for a later date. If your new timeframe coincides with their dates, you’ll need to get another people mover rental. 

Can Someone Else Drive The People Mover Rental?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to have someone else drive your people mover rental; however, they need to be listed as additional drivers on your rental agreement. When you sign the contract, they need to present a valid driver’s license. If they have not been added to the contract, and have a car crash with the people mover rental while they’re driving, your rental company’s insurance will not cover the damage. 

These are the questions you will most likely have when you start the process of getting a people mover rental. Whether you’re going on a trip with a group, or you need to transport your employees to a business seminar, a people mover rental will get you where you need to be! Just make sure that you’re clear on the specific details before you book it, for example in terms of the timeframe, and if you need an additional driver. 

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