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Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Dunedin is a very cool spot, and we’re not just referring to the weather. The city is enjoying a new wave of popularity as a visitor destination, and car rental in Dunedin is in more demand than ever. That wave of popularity has a lot to do with waves themselves. Down here, we call Dunedin a “cold water Bali” as there are a lot of wonderful surf breaks being rediscovered by surfers from all over New Zealand. So, if you love to surf, come to Dunedin, book a car or van from our superb fleet, then hit the beach. There are a lot of them!

Dunedin has about 30 beaches within 30 minutes of the city. The nickname “cold water Bali” refers to the similarities between the surf in Dunedin and the Indonesian holiday hot-spot.  While the water is obviously colder here, the north and south coast surf opportunities are quite like Bali, and barely a day goes by when a Dunedin beach doesn’t give you decent surf. Because of its geographical location, Dunedin is open to swells from the southwest to the northeast; they range in height from one to three metres in the summer months, but waves of four to six metres are common in winter.

St Clair and St Kilda are two of our most popular surf beaches because they’re so close to the city and lined with cool cafes and restaurants. Blackhead beach is further south and is popular with locals, so it can get crowded; if so, the coastline between Brighton and Taieri Mouth is usually much quieter. Tropical cyclones on rare occasions mean awesome surfing on Dunedin’s north coast, with Karitane, Whareakeake and Aramoana being your best surf spots. And if you want to make a day trip of it, head a couple of hours south to the Catlins which is renowned for its great surfing.

You don’t have to be a surfer to get a kick out of Dunedin. The city is full of character and beautiful heritage buildings; the Dunedin railway station is a prime example. The student population gives the city a real buzz during University terms but if you want a quieter time of it, come to Dunedin during their holidays. Further afield, you can explore the wide-open spaces of the Otago region including the Moeraki boulders, the Otago peninsula, Lanarch castle, and the incredible Victorian precinct in Oamaru, just to name a few.

So many reasons to come here but only one place to book your Dunedin rental car. That’s us! Contact us and we’ll do you the best deal in this lovely town!

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