Know Your Rental Van Fuel Policies

Monday, April 27th, 2020

Because van rental agencies have differing refuelling policies, it can get confusing to understand them. And while refuelling policies aren’t set in stone as a prerequisite to getting a van rental or owning a rental company, there are a few which are seen most often:

A Free Tank 

The best option is a free tank. Some rental companies don’t charge you for the fuel that is in the tank when you pick up your rental van. When you return it, you are also not charged for refuelling it, nor are you under any obligation to return it with a full tank. It’s a favourite, and you will always be hard pushed not to choose a car hire company for a rental van with this refuelling policy. These policies will be part of the deal, and are not very common. 

Pre-Purchase (Full Refund Policy) 

Another favourite is the pre-purchase or full refund policy, which is when you’re charged for the fuel already in the rental van’s tank when you pick it up. When you return the van after your rental period comes to an end, you’ll only be charged for the fuel that you used. However, if your provider uses this refuelling policy, you’ll need to check with them how they measure the fuel. Some rental companies who use this policy measure the fuel in eighths of a tank, while others don’t, so make sure that this policy is produced in writing. 

Full-To-Full Refueling Policy

The full-to-full refuelling policy is one of the most common because it’s fair and affordable. In this instance, you will receive the rental van with a full tank of fuel. When you return it, you’ll need to have replaced the fuel that you used. Some rental companies charge you for a full tank of fuel regardless, and sometimes even put a markup on that cost. 

If you can get away with refilling the tank before you return it, you’ll be paying the standard price of petrol from a service station. If not, you need to be clear that they will charge you a full tank regardless of whether you refill it or not. If you did refill the fuel tank, you would have wasted your money. 

When you’re looking into rental vans, it’s important to know every policy before you sign the agreement. However, refuelling policies can change between different rental companies, so make sure that you look for this information on their websites, in the rental agreement, or to ask them about it in person. 

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