Save On Petrol While Saving On Car Hire

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

As specialists in cheap car hire in New Zealand, we have a vehicle to suit your budget. You can start with our budget-friendly cheap and cheerful range, which is a popular choice for students, backpackers or anyone else travelling on a tight budget. Or, you can move up to our later vehicles with fewer kilometres on the clock but just as much value-for-money. We can really do you an exceptional deal!

While our affordable car rental won’t break the bank, you do need to factor in petrol costs when you’re planning a road trip of any duration. For example, petrol excise duty has just increased, bumping up the price you’ll pay at the pump when filling up your rental vehicle. But there are things you can do while you’re driving your rental car to limit petrol consumption and reduce your total fuel bill. Here are just a few of them:

  • You might be on holiday but try and pack as lightly as possible because the more weight you carry, the more petrol you’ll use.
  • Keep your tyres at the correct pressure throughout your road trip. Underinflated tyres are dangerous, and will also cause you to use more fuel.
  • Accelerate smoothly rather than aggressively to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Don’t overdo it with the air conditioner when driving at low to medium speeds as this can substantially increase petrol usage. Open a window instead – although at high speed, an air conditioner is actually more efficient than an open window.
  • Stick to the speed limit as going too fast, too often will chew up far more gas than is required. Travelling too quickly is plain dangerous anyway, particularly on wet and slippery winter roads.

Another way to reduce fuel consumption is to travel in a well maintained vehicle. Thankfully, that is something you don’t have to worry about as we have already taken care of it. We might offer cheap car rental in New Zealand, but there’s nothing nasty about the quality of our vehicles. We have our own team of mechanics who keep our fleet in great shape so you can be sure that no matter what you choose from our lineup, and no matter how little you pay, your vehicle will have been recently maintained and is ready to take you wherever you want to go. When it is time to hit the road, and you want some cheap car hire to stretch your dollar further, get in touch and we’ll look after you with a high-quality vehicle at a low rate.

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