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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

If there’s one huge thing we Kiwis missed during lockdown – apart from takeaways – it was team sports. Not just watching it, but playing it. It was tough to be stuck at home without our friends beside us on the field or court, enjoying their company and the occasional win. But now that lockdown is over and we’ve been given the all-clear to get back into the action, it’s time to start organising team travel and we have just the thing at New Zealand Rent A Car.

Our cheap minibus hire is ridiculously good value given the comfort and performance of the vehicles in our fleet. They’re even better value when the team chips in to cover the costs. The great thing about minibus hire is that everyone travels together and rebuilds the camaraderie and team spirit you all missed during the lockdown. It’s an enjoyable way to go, with the added convenience of being able to travel at the time you choose and at your own pace. You can stop for a meal along the way, or do some sightseeing at this spectacular time of year, and you’re not captive to the timetables and schedules imposed on you by airlines or any other form of public transport. As far as we’re concerned, that sounds like fun – and having fun is what team sports are all about!

Whether it’s for school holiday tournaments, or more grown-up social events happening out of town, affordable minibus rental is the ideal way to get the team where they need to be. But it’s not just teams of the sporting type who now see the benefits of travelling together like this; corporate groups, families and school excursions are getting together and making a road trip part of their particular activity as well.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a minibus from us is it is easy to drive, so anyone with a full licence can share driving duties on the way. That way, everyone arrives feeling refreshed and ready to play, or do business, or get on with their holiday. 

It’s all good when it comes to cheap minibus hire from New Zealand Rent A Car: affordability, convenience, flexibility, plenty of space, and just as much fun. Any downsides? Well, missing out on booking one might be disappointing! Our minibus rental is becoming a very popular part of what we do, so if there’s a big event coming up and you want to travel as a team, get in touch with us without delay. When it comes to affordable minibus rental in New Zealand, we’re on your side.  

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