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Monday, July 12th, 2021

If there’s a group of you coming to stunning Central Otago, we have some very valuable advice for you. Our van rentals in Queenstown are one of the cheapest and most popular ways for you all to get around. Take our 12-seater minibuses for example. There is plenty of room inside for all of you to travel in comfort and style, and with towbar options and a luggage trailer available as well, all the gear you bring can be towed behind you, giving you even more space to enjoy in the vehicle.

This option is one that appeals to a lot of groups heading down our way. Ski trips, mountain bike adventures, Central Otago wine region exploration – anything that draws a crowd to our beautiful part of the world is made easier and more affordable when everyone chips in for our Queenstown van hire. Because of the popularity of this service, we think you shouldn’t wait. Book now!  

There might not be so many of you coming to Central Otago. Say there’s four or five of you, and you want to travel together while you’re here. Then we have five-seater SUV 4×4 vehicles that represent the ultimate in style and comfort. If you’re here for world-class skiing, we have skier versions available as well, complete with chains and ski racks.  An 8-seater MPV is another option if you’re in the region to simply explore and relax rather than ski down mountains! However you want to do it, we can help.

Rentals of our larger vehicles in Queenstown have become increasingly popular in recent years. We know why. This can be a pricey place to eat, sleep and entertain yourself. Sharing costs in hiring a van, SUV, or MPV is one way to save a lot of money. And with people being able to share the driving duties, and the sheer fun of travelling as part of a group, we can tell you that Queenstown van rentals are in hot demand. So again we remind you, that if you’re coming to Central Otago and want to get around in one of our larger vehicles, book as soon as you can. We’d hate for you to miss out on our comfortable, reliable and well-maintained vehicles – and we’d also hate for you to miss out on all the beauty and fun that this part of New Zealand has to offer all of you.

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