Business Trip Or Holiday? Here Are A Few Packing Tips To Prepare You

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Now and then an occasion arises where you need to transport a group of people to an event, and it just makes more sense to go together instead of making use of separate vehicles. Weddings, business conferences, or maybe even a school or other recreational events, for example, are fun as a crowd. A dozen people together in a vehicle tends to mean a lot of luggage and need for preparation, which is why we’ve compiled these helpful tips on how to prepare for a road trip. 

1) Road Preparation

Ensuring that your vehicle is ready for the road is one of the most critical steps. Before you even head out, ensure that your car is checked by an automotive specialist and run through the standard oil, petrol and water checks before you leave. 

2) Communication

Always ensure that you have access to a phone at all times, and keep a phone charger plugged in and ready. Battery packs and backup phones are always advisable. Before you leave, notify neighbours or another trustworthy party of your trip and ensure that everything at home will be taken care of while you’re away. 

3) Food For The Road

While it’s easy to stop by a gas station for a few snacks, keeping a few bottles of mineral water, energy bars and other non-perishables in your car is always a good idea.

4) A Just-In-Case Pack

If you’re going to be on the road for a while, it’s still best to pack an emergency medical kit, flashlight with spare batteries, and a raincoat or two, in case you need it. 

5) Litter Bags

Soda cans, wrappers and packets tend to collect rather quickly during a road trip, so keep a resealable bag or two with you to keep everything tidy and make disposal later on effortless. 

6) Know Your Route

If you haven’t travelled to your intended destination before, take some time to research possible routes and alternatives, as well as checking where gas stations are located, so that you won’t get caught with an empty tank on the side of the road. 

These tips will ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

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