Play It Safe Around Roadworks

Monday, June 14th, 2021

We can’t wait to see you in this part of the world and we’ll be delighted to take care of your Nelson car hire for you. We have an extensive vehicle fleet for you to check out, and something that is sure to fit into your budget.

We’d also like to share our local knowledge with you. We’ve grown a reputation for being very helpful in that regard, and it’s a pleasure to be able to give you that inside info. If you want to know where to find the best cafe, restaurant or bakery…just ask!

Something else we want to tell you right now is that there are roadworks around our region, and we want you to be safe when you’re driving through them. The road over Takaka Hill, the route between Nelson and Blenheim, and ongoing road repairs throughout the Nelson CBD are some of the better-known work sites. But given there is so much roading activity happening all over New Zealand right now, it’s fair to say you can expect to encounter work sites throughout our region and beyond.

At these work sites the speed limit will usually be (but not always) reduced to 30, 50 or 80 kilometres per hour, depending on the characteristics of the road, the nature of the work being carried out, how many people are working at the site, how many vehicle movements are expected and the likely impact there will be on other motorists.

Around here, with major works going on and many of them being carried out on hilly roads, it’s likely to be reduced closer to the 30 kilometres an hour mark. In many cases, the roadworks will require one lane to be closed, the installation of traffic lights or the use of traffic controllers with their well-known stop/go signs, and a great degree of disruption to the road surface, which is why you can expect the speed limits to be reduced significantly.

Our final piece of advice is if you’re coming to the Nelson region and have meetings, appointments or special events to attend, then give yourself plenty of time to get there. While the roadworks in our region shouldn’t delay you by too much, you want to be sure. So leave a little earlier than scheduled, take your time, and enjoy the journey. You’ll turn up on time, and when you contact us to book your car hire in Nelson, you’ll turn up in style as well!

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