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Thursday, August 26th, 2021

At New Zealand Rent A Car, we’re very proud to bring you one of the best vehicle fleets in the country, as well as the most affordable prices. This means you always get a top deal and a superb driving experience, whatever the reason for your car or van hire. For all that, it is possible to save even more money on your vehicle rental in NZ – check out these tips and see how easy it is.

  • If there are a few of you, why hire several vehicles to get you all around when you can share costs (and driving) in one of our vans or people movers?  It’s a fun experience when you travel as a group, and more affordable too.
  • Check if there’s a price difference between an airport pickup and one from a rental car branch located elsewhere. You could save considerable money by picking up your hire car at a city branch, for example.
  • Book directly with us instead of doing it through a travel agent or a comparison site. It’s often cheaper when you cut out third parties.
  • Choose the vehicle that gives you the best fit. You may be tempted to splash out on a large vehicle as a treat but if you’re on a budget, all that extra room might go to waste – as will a few dollars. If you can comfortably travel in a smaller vehicle, the hire charges will be lower as will your fuel bills.
  • If you can be flexible with your booking dates, then you could save significant amounts by hiring a car or van outside of times of peak demand.
  • Prices vary with changes in availability and some routes become cheaper in some seasons. As an example,  around the end of summer, most cars and vans have been dropped off on the South Island, so by picking a route from south to north you may save a lot of money.
  • Remember to refuel the car if that’s part of the hire vehicle agreement – and it probably will be! Forgetting to do so can cost you a refuelling fee.
  • When it’s time to top up the tank with fuel before returning the car, be aware that service stations near airports will generally charge a lot more for fuel. If you’re on a road trip for any length of time, it’s likely you’ll do a fair share of supermarket shopping; collect fuel discount vouchers at each supermarket and remember to use them when filling up.

One last thing. Don’t be shy to ask about current deals and discounts. Contact us and enquire about any specials that might be happening – they may have just started, so you never know your luck. It never hurts to ask.

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