Save Money On Your Car Rental At Dunedin Airport

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Car rentals Dunedin Airport are convenient for several reasons. They offer reliable vehicles for long road-trips, are a low-cost alternative to transportation and large vehicle rentals can fit the entire family in without breaking the bank. However, some may be unsure if it’s the more affordable choice against using their own vehicle – after all, it’s their own vehicle and that must surely be cheaper. 

You can quickly assess fuel consumption and even plan your route right down to the litre of fuel used, which is why so many of us feel uncertain about renting a car for our trip. And we understand why because road-trips can become expensive and a rental may be just another unnecessary cost. From unexpected detours to children buying snacks at every fuel stop, your budget may be stretched out. But, choosing car rental from Dunedin Airport may surprise you, as it can be more cost-effective than you had anticipated. 

Here are some of the ways you can increase your savings with a car rental from Dunedin Airport at NZ Rent A Car. 

Make Bookings Early 

While many of us scour to make accommodation plans as early as possible, to receive the most economical rates – we sometimes forget we can actually book a rental ahead of time. Last-minute bookings can be extremely expensive, but planning to make your booking early may save you a few dollars. 

Confirm Your Pick-Up And Drop-Off Locations Again 

Sometimes in the rush of preparing for a big trip, we forget the seemingly minor details and those tend to catch up with us when we least expect it. Ensure you choose the correct pick-up and drop-off locations on your route to avoid late penalties and other administrative fees. 

Book The Right Vehicle 

Although a small sedan would be the cheaper option for your road-trip with family, it may not be a suitable option if you are carrying more than three to four passengers. Not only can it become uncomfortable in warmer months, trying to squeeze everyone in, but it may also end up costing more if the family insists on cutting the trip short. Book the right vehicle for you, your passengers, your luggage and the route. 

Before writing off the idea of rental, be sure to understand all the pros that come with it, as there are many. You needn’t have to hire out the cheapest option or use a less reputable car hire company to find the right fit for your journey. At NZ Rent A Car, we offer affordable and reliable car rental from Dunedin Airport – contact us today for your road-trip.

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