Should Car Rental Companies Provide ISOFIX Car Seats?

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

When looking for cheap rental car deals for you and your family, safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. And if you have young children, a car seat is essential. But are seats like the ISOFIX necessary, and should cheap car rentals provide them?

What Is An ISOFIX Car Seat?

Since the early 2000s, car seats around the world have been manufactured using the ISOFIX car seat as a standard design, as they are much more secure. When you’re driving with a small child, you’ll want to trust that their car seat will keep them safe in case you have a car accident. The ISOFIX seats attach to the vehicle via three metal hoops that are secured from behind the seat, eliminating risk of failure in an accident.

Do All Rental Cars Have ISOFIX Points?

The ISOFIX system has changed how car seats around the world are designed and manufactured. In fact, many models made after the early 2000s have ISOFIX points, however it still isn’t standard practice. If you’re hiring a cheap car rental and would like to use your own ISOFIX car set for your baby, you would need to check with your vehicle hire provider first to ensure that the vehicle you’re renting has the required attachment points. 

Should Car Rentals Provide ISOFIX Seats?

Most car rental providers offer car seats as an accessory, which can be extremely convenient. Now they don’t have to worry about transferring their car seat to their rental, or risk leaving it behind when the vehicle is returned. The question is, should all provided car rental seats be ISOFIX? Well, not necessarily. ISOFIX has had such a big influence on the industry, and has influenced how other brands manufacture their seats. However, ISOFIX seats are still the industry leaders, as they are renowned for safety, comfort and security. A car rental company should still aim to supply these seats to their customers. 

At the end of the day, what most parents are concerned about is keeping their baby safe. When you’re looking for cheap rental car deals, make sure to ask your provider if they offer ISOFIX car seats. If not, you should request that the vehicle has the required ISOFIX points for attaching your own car seat.

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