Supersize Your Family Road Trip

Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Budget car hire usually means opting for a smaller vehicle. Not as far as we’re concerned. We have some of the most affordable rentals in New Zealand, which means our larger and roomier vehicles are within reach of most budgets. This is something to keep in mind if you’re planning a family road trip because the more space you have, the easier it will be to keep everyone happy. This is why you should consider stepping up to a larger vehicle like a station wagon, SUV or even a van if you have a larger brood to take on holiday.

  • Nothing is left behind. In a larger vehicle, with extra space for luggage, you can indulge your young ones a little by letting them take more with them than they usually would. While most of the toys and games they bring will probably be left unplayed during the course of all that holiday fun, the fact they can take it at all means they’ll start the trip in a happy frame of mind. That’s far better than having them in a bad temper from the very start of your journey.
  • Everyone has their space. With more legroom, more space and more comfort, everyone will feel much more relaxed and happy during the journey. On the other hand, when youngsters feel crammed on the back seat in a compact vehicle, that’s when tantrums develop as well as accusations of siblings taking up all the room. And that’s when fights begin. As the driver, you could probably do without that commotion in the back.
  • Modern SUVs and vans are remarkably fuel-efficient for their size, and therefore their running costs are not too much more than smaller vehicles. If fuel economy is putting you off hiring a larger vehicle, then you might be surprised at how little it could cost you.
  • No need for a trailer. An SUV or a minibus will mean you’re less likely to have to fork out for trailer hire to carry all of your luggage and accessories. This makes driving much easier on our smaller and twistier roads, not to mention there’s no need to reverse park the trailer – and how many of us are good at doing that?

We strongly recommend you go up a size when hiring a vehicle for your family road trip. Everyone will have a better time of it when you do. Contact us today and ask about costs – you might be pleasantly surprised!

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