4 Things To Know About Van Hire In Queenstown

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Car rental and van hire in Queenstown is becoming the more popular option for hassle-free travel. Be it for scheduling convenience or simply taking a road trip over the warmer months, it’s an advantageous choice that drivers should consider. And though it seems easy enough to contact a car rental provider and make a booking, many still find themselves hesitating – especially for first-timers. From insurance rates, fuel, vehicle options and even liability – there are several considerations which can seem worrying. With the help of this blog post, NZ Rent A Car Queenstown hopes to give you peace-of-mind for your first van hire. 

Here are some things you need to think about before searching for a rental

Are You A Licenced Driver?

You need to be a licenced driver, with an adequate understanding of the road rules. If there’s going to be more than one driver, this needs to be stated beforehand and all the required documentation needs to be provided to your rental company. All drivers need to meet the legal requirements of New Zealand, from age to licencing. 

Where Are Your Pick-Up And Drop-Off Locations?  

You must take note of the route you are driving to ensure you meet the pick-up and drop-off locations for your rental as agreed upon. It can be extremely frustrating to find yourself nowhere near your drop-off location on a road-trip as you will be subject to late return penalties. 

What Is The Fuel Policy? 

Some rental companies may offer drivers a certain amount of fuel to start their journey and will require the same amount topped up at the end, before drop-off. Alternatively, drivers may be required to fill fuel themselves, with no allowances. You must go through your fuel policy in detail, to understand what you are liable for. 

Is The Vehicle In Working Condition? 

While rental providers always strive to provide customers with optimal working vehicles, it is still essential that drivers check the vehicle properly before departing. An up-to-date service plan is usually provided, along with its service history. Check if there is an inflated spare tyre, that the air conditioner is working well and there are no delays with the battery before accepting the vehicle. 

At NZ Rent A Car Queenstown, we simplify van hire in Queenstown for our customers. We offer an extensive range of vehicles to choose from, an online booking or quotation facility and have consultants ready to take your call anytime. Contact us today for your vehicle rental requirements. 

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