Tips For Cooler Motoring

Monday, October 12th, 2020

If you’re coming to Nelson towards the end of the year, you’re in for a very warm welcome. You’ll most certainly get one from us, as we’re known as the friendly face of budget car rentals in Nelson. But you’ll also feel a good degree of warmth from our glorious weather. Nelson averages 2, 400 hours of sunshine every year – little wonder that our famous golden beaches are real magnets during summer.

On those long, hot days when you’re on the road, we want you to stay as comfortable as you can while you’re driving one of our rental vehicles. So we are pleased to provide a few tips on cooler motoring in our warm region.

  • Ditch heavy clothes like denim, acrylic and corduroy and wear light coloured clothes. However, we suggest you don’t drive in bare feet as you might not be able to grip the pedals properly or push down with the right amount of pressure. Wear shoes with thin, flexible soles like canvas pumps, running trainers or slip-on deck shoes.
  • Freeze bottles of water and make sure everyone has one of their own for daily road trips.
  • Buy sealed ice packs and get a front seat passenger to hold them near vents for extra cool air conditioning.
  • You’re on holiday and appearances can be more casual, so drive with damp hair as the air rushing over it will cool you down.
  • If you’re driving slowly through a town or built-up area, open windows will keep you cool. If you’re travelling faster on an open road, the wind resistance created by open windows will use more petrol than running the vehicle’s air conditioning.
  • If time allows, drive during cooler times of the day and avoid parking in direct sunlight. Heading off on a road trip in the early hours of the morning when it’s not so hot will also see you avoid a lot of traffic.
  • Cover your steering wheel with a spare tea towel or cloth to avoid that awful burning sensation when you get back to the car.
  • If you have had to park in the sun, and the car interior is decidedly warm, move off with all windows open. Close the windows and turn on the aircon on once you get going.

You’ll have a wonderful time in Nelson, and we’ll help you get around the region in an affordable and comfortable style. And by following our tips on cooler motoring, you’ll feel even more comfortable!

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