Watch For Sunstrike In Sunny Nelson

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

You get more than you bargained for when you rent a vehicle from us. We’ll help you save a lot of money by offering you cheap car rentals in Nelson. But we’ll also give you all the local knowledge you need to get the maximum enjoyment out of your stay. Just ask us for the best places to stay, eat and explore and we’ll happily help you out.

Our local knowledge also extends to what driving conditions you can expect here at any given time of the year. Your safety is our highest priority so, at this time of year, we want to warn you about the potential dangers of sunstrike.  We may be coming into winter, but in sunny Nelson, it is something you need to be wary of. In fact, it’s something to look out for all over the country.

Kiwi motorists are vulnerable to sunstrike in winter. Sunstrike refers to the angle of sunlight hitting a car’s windscreen which results in a glare that temporarily blinds the driver. With the sun low in the sky on clear winter mornings and evenings, sunstrike is certainly something you need to take into account right now.

The most common crashes caused by sunstrike are at intersections when motorists can’t see an approaching vehicle. Rear-end crashes are the second-most common, and this is because drivers are not able to see a vehicle that has slowed down in front of them or come to a complete stop.

Most sunstrike-related incidents occur in May; this is the worst month due to the position of the sun during peak hour driving times. Having said that, you need to take extra care throughout all the winter months. And if you encounter snowy or icy conditions during a winter road trip, the low-angle sunlight shining on white surroundings can cause temporary ‘snow blindness’ which has a similar effect to sun-strike.

The sun doesn’t have to be in front of you for sunstrike to pose a potential danger. When the  winter sun is behind you, you need to be mindful of drivers travelling towards you, as they will be driving into the sun and could be having trouble seeing things themselves. A little more attention to what they’re doing could be very helpful when this occurs.

To help you minimise the risks posed by sunstrike, there are a few simple things you can do. For example, keep your windscreen clean, both inside and out. If the sun is making it difficult to see, pull over if it’s safe to do so and wait a few moments until visibility improves. Wear good-quality polarised eyewear to reduce the effect of sun-strike, and use your headlights during the day to increase the chances of being seen.

Winter in the Nelson region is a beautiful time of year, and by following our advice you’ll have a safe holiday as well as an enjoyable one. It will be affordable too, thanks to our low-cost vehicle rental so contact us and we’ll see you soon!

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