We’ll Save You Money In Pricey Queenstown

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

Queenstown is coming back to life. Tourist operators in New Zealand’s adventure capital report solid pre-winter bookings, which is great news for the region. And across the Tasman, there’s renewed interest from Australians in travelling to Queenstown. The recent meeting between the prime ministers of both nations was a PR exercise worth its weight in gold for Queenstown, with news footage showing off the region at its very best. No wonder those Aussies are so keen to come and see the place for themselves!

Growing tourist numbers in Queenstown will push up prices, of that there’s no doubt. Accommodation, eating out, activities and adventures will all cost more – it’s a classic case of supply and demand. It’s a fact of life in any tourist destination. So, if you’re keen to visit Queenstown any time soon, we recommend you contact us and ask us what sort of deal we can do for you.

Every day of the year, we offer cheap car hire in Queenstown. We have cars to suit every budget, including ones that are more about value for money than they are about pure style. For all that, they’re exceptionally well-maintained, reliable, clean and comfortable. That alone will save you money and put some extra dollars in your pocket to spend on other things.

But that’s not the only way we can save you money. When you get in touch with us to enquire about cheap car rentals in Queenstown, ask us what deals are currently available. We regularly have special offers that bring our rates down even further. Check out our website for details or just ask us over the phone. And don’t forget, you can save even more if you arrange for long term vehicle hire.

Of course, if you want to splash out on a late model vehicle e.g. our SUV 4×4 skiers version with chains and ski racks, then we can help you there as well. After all, we aim to cover all budgets. But if you’re coming to Queenstown and you want to save quite a few dollars on a car rental so you have more to spend elsewhere, we’re the first vehicle hire company to contact.

Get in touch with us to get the latest pricing on our vehicles, as well as full details on our special offers for Queenstown, or anywhere else around the country for that matter. No matter where you’re travelling, and regardless of the type of vehicle you’re travelling in, we guarantee to save you money!

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