We’re In The Business Of Saving You Money

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

In recent years, we’ve noticed an upturn in vehicle rentals for businesses all around New Zealand. They may be large corporations, medium-sized enterprises or small businesses – we’re able to give all of them a great deal on a vehicle that’s just as good. Whether it’s a sole employee requiring a mid-size yet stylish vehicle for a sales trip in another city, or a corporate group hiring one of our 8-seater MPVs or even a minibus and heading off to a conference, we’re helping more and more people requiring vehicle hire for work rather than pleasure.

Why should we be your choice if you require car rental for business purposes? Because we’re in the business of saving you money! To put it another way, we are leaders in cheap car rentals. But we are certainly not talking about cheap and nasty. Instead, we offer you high-quality compact, mid-size and larger vehicles that are highly affordable. That means you can choose a good-looking vehicle that reflects your company and your brand well, yet you won’t pay the earth for it. This is why corporate organisations love dealing with us, and why you should consider using our services as well.

We appreciate that the present economic climate is presenting challenges to the business community at large. Many of our clients have downsized their vehicle fleet and they rely on us to provide a quality and low-cost rental when the need arises. Some of them are even coming to us instead of paying increased airfares – and being stuck to rigid airline schedules as a result. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to justify things like large fleets and huge airfares, so they see us as a budget-friendly alternative. For example, it’s much cheaper for corporate groups to hire one large and comfortable people mover for a conference than it is for the company to fork out for eight or more airfares. When you look at it that way, it just makes sense to hire from us. Besides, many of our clients tell us that these road trips are great for team bonding, so there’s another benefit that’s just as important as cost-cutting!

So, if you’re in business and needing to tighten the belt when it comes to getting your team around town, around the region, or around the country, contact us and we’ll make sure we do the best deal possible. Remember, we’re in the business of saving you money!

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