What To Look For In A Car Rental

Monday, December 30th, 2019

When you start planning your December vacation over Christmas and New Years’, you might need to hire a car – especially if you’re going on a trip with friends and family. However, it can be tricky deciding on the car rental you should use when there are so many models and vehicle sizes to choose from. Here’s a simple guide on what features a car rental should include. 

What Makes A Decent Car Rental?

Although different people will have varying expectations in a hired car, there is some common ground to be found. A decent rental car will include the following: 

    1) Low Fuel Consumption 

You know your personal vehicle quite well – especially if you’ve been driving it for a few years. You know how far fifty dollars will take you, and how often you’d have to fill the tank. However, rental cars are all different. At the very least, you’ll want your petrol to go far, especially since most rentals need to be returned with a full tank. 

    2) Safety Features 

While you’re on the road, how safe you are in the car is paramount. In fact, you wouldn’t hire a vehicle if you thought there was a risk. You’ll also be even more nervous about driving an unfamiliar car. Make sure that the vehicle you choose to rent is safe – with seatbelts, reliable brakes, and even shatterproof windows or anti-smash film. 

    3) Available Charging Ports 

When going on a holiday or road trip, it’s essential to have your smartphone with you at all times. There might be an emergency back home, or you might need to call for vehicle, medical or police assistance while you’re away. Therefore, your car rental should have at least one charging port so that your phone is fully charged throughout the trip. 

    4) Storage Space 

Going on holiday means that you’re going to have luggage with you. It might be an overnight bag or a suitcase per person. Depending on how much baggage you pack will determine how much storage space you need, but the boot of your car rental should be empty and big enough to carry at least two bags. 

Your December break is coming up, so now is the time to start looking around for a car rental. Whether you’re spending the weekend getaway or going on a road trip, your rental car should have the minimum of safety, low fuel consumption and decent storage space. 

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