Why Cheap Van Rentals Are Best For Corporate Getaways

Friday, March 27th, 2020

When planning a corporate getaway for you and your team from the office, the best way to transport everyone and their luggage is with a cheap van rental. Don’t believe us? Team-building is successful when it’s streamlined and convenient for everyone. So why can’t it be the same when travelling to your destination?

You Can Spread Out 

Let’s be honest, most people would prefer to go on a short vacation with their friends and family – not with the people they know from work! But team-building getaways and exercises are essential for a productive and happy workplace. However, it’s not a secret that most people also wouldn’t be comfortable if they’re squeezed into the backseat pressed up against Barry from accounting for three hours, who they don’t know so well. So what do you do? Look into a cheap rental van! Everyone will have their own space without being uncomfortable and cramped on the way there. 

There’s Enough Storage Space 

Some people don’t pack well. They think of every disaster and change of weather, and pack two outfits for each scenario. A weekend getaway for a corporate team-building event only requires an overnight bag. Still, you can bet your bottom buck that people will bring their pillows for two nights of sleep, hiking boots for just in case, their six-step skincare routine and hairdryer, and much more – that they most likely won’t need. Fortunately, you’ll have enough space to store everything in a cheap van rental. 

Travelling In Groups Is Better For Everyone 

Organising a weekend getaway for your team at the office can get hairy when you rely on everyone to get there themselves. A good employer will want to cover all the costs themselves, which means that paying petrol expenses for every vehicle will get exorbitant. Other than that, what happens if someone’s unreliable car breaks down? What if people are late, or they get lost on the way there? To keep costs down and everyone together, cheap van rentals are the way to go. It’s more convenient and less stressful for the person organising the trip. 

A getaway – even a team-building weekend at a resort with the people you work with – can be enjoyable. However, travelling to and from the destination can go pear-shaped if you’re not careful. To get everyone there and back in one piece, with enough space for comfort and storage, the only solution you should consider should be cheap van rentals. They’re affordable, safe, and convenient.

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