Driving Your Car Rental in Picton

Picton is a popular destination for a short break or for access to the Queen Charlotte Sounds, with hundreds of people arriving on Picton ferry sailings at least 4 times daily. It is also popular as a starting point for longer breaks away and travel around the South Island. Using a car rental in Picton allows you the freedom to do your own thing and explore the region at your own pace.

If you’re new to New Zealand, make sure driving your car rental in Picton is safe and enjoyable with our driving tips.

Driving in Picton – The Basics

Important New Road Rule Changes

New Zealand has had a unique give way rule since 1977 where traffic turning left at intersections must give way to all vehicles turning right.

However, from 5am on Sunday 25 March 2012 the introduction of two new give way rules changes this. It is important to be familiar with the new rules before driving in New Zealand. Visit the NZ Transport Agency for more details and make sure you know the NZ Road Code.

We also provide a ‘Driving Safely in New Zealand’ brochure with your car rental. This will help you if you’re unsure of or unfamiliar with any of our road signs or road rules.

Remember if you are driving long distance to take regular breaks, to stretch and to refresh yourself. Distances may seem shorter on maps, but our winding country roads and hills can take longer to navigate than you think. One-way bridges are common in the South Island and can present a serious hazard to the uninitiated. If you’re heading off the beaten track into very rural areas you may also encounter unsealed gravel roads and farm animals and vehicles on the road, so take extra care in open country.

Now you can enjoy all that the Queen Charlotte and Marlborough Sounds have to offer with your car rental from New Zealand Rent A Car Picton.

Enjoy a safe car rental in Picton with driving safety tips from New Zealand Rent A Car.

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