North Shore Arts, Crafts, And Cultural Activities

The North Shore of Auckland is cherished for its laidback lifestyle and effortless cool. If you’re visiting the North Shore then you’ll never be far from the action … and you’re never far from one of the cultural and artistic centers of New Zealand. On this page you’ll find a hand guide to arts, crafts, and cultural activities on the North Shore.

Visit Historic Devonportrsz devonport pohutukawa 300x247 - North Shore Arts Crafts And Cultural Activities

The historic seaside village of Devonport is a must-see place for anyone interested in the historic and cultural heritage of Auckland and the North Shore. Quality cafes, artisan shops, and art galleries surround the Devonport village center. To get to Devonport you can drive or take the bus – but for an authentic experience you should take the Fullers Passenger Ferry from Auckland City. A ten-minute ferry ride is all it takes to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Auckland, and find yourself absorbing the vibrant atmosphere of Devonport. Taking the ferry also gives you a great opportunity to see fantastic harbour and city views. When exploring Devonport make sure to visit the Devonport Museum on Vauxhall Road, and the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum.

Mairangi Arts Centre

Nestled in the North Shore, the Mairangi Arts Centre isn’t your usual touristy arts and culture destination. However, with a busy exhibition schedule and two separate exhibition spaces, there is always something interesting to see here. If you are interested in seeing authentic art from Kiwi artists, then a trip to the Mairangi Arts Centre on the North Shore is essential.

Awataha Marae

No visit to New Zealand is complete without learning more about the history of the indigenous Maori population. Having inhabited New Zealand (Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud) for hundreds of years prior to European settlement, there is a richness of culture and heritage that demands to be explored. If you’re on the lookout for an authentic cultural experience on the North Shore, then you would be hard pressed to do much better than visiting the Awataha Marae.

Absorb The Café Culture

The North Shore is famous throughout New Zealand for its fantastic café culture and atmosphere. No matter where you find yourself on the Shore, you will never be too far from great coffee, world-class food, and an unbeatable vibe. Children are also welcome in most cafes,  which makes soaking up the café atmosphere of the North Shore an activity for the whole family.

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