Comparing Budget Rental Cars At The Airport

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

When you’re looking into buying a car, there’s a lot to consider depending on your budget and your driving requirements. Renting a car is much the same, except that your budget is much smaller, and it’ll be on a short-term basis. Before you pick a vehicle at random, compare the budget rental cars you find at the airport to hire the one that’s best for you. 

Economy Cars 

Economy cars are your best option if you’re looking for a budget rental from the airport. They typically only have two doors and are best for weekend trips or business trips across the country. You won’t need them for long, and they’re affordable. 

Compact Cars 

Compact cars are also affordable, but most have four doors, so you won’t have to move the seat forwards every time someone needs to get into the backseat. They’re great for people who are travelling with two or more people, and small families on a budget. 

Intermediate And Midsize Cars 

Suitable for families and groups that have four or five people travelling together, mid-size cars are a perfect size. They’re a standard vehicle and can be a little more expensive, but provide a comfortable ride and a decent amount of storage space. Depending on what you need the car for, and how long you’ll be driving it for, it might be the most cost-effective budget rental option available at the airport. 

Full-Size Cars 

When you’re travelling with a large family or a group of adults, you won’t be able to get away with anything other than a full-size car. They’re spacious and comfortable and provide enough storage or luggage space per person. If you’re taking an extended trip of a week or more to go camping, hiking or fishing, a full-size car is ideal. You’ll be comfortable during the drive, and you’ll have enough space for all your holiday gear. 

Premium Cars 

Premium cars are the best vehicle your rental car agency can offer. They provide comfort and luxury, with many features that most cars don’t have. If you’re taking a weekend road trip, a premium car is great – but it’ll probably exceed your budget. 

There are many types of budget car rental available at the airport; you just have to know what to look for. With this guide of comparisons, you should be able to find the best budget rental car for you – just make sure that you have a precise itinerary and a realistic expectation of budget rental prices from the airport.

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