Don’t Let Cook Strait Disrupt Your Road Trip

Friday, June 25th, 2021

The great Kiwi road trip is back in vogue. Many of our customers tell us they want car hire in NZ for the sole purpose of taking them from one end of the island to the other, and we can oblige with a fantastic vehicle fleet for them to choose from.

Even though the travel bubble with Australia and the Cook Islands is open as we write this, there is still uncertainty and people are anxious to venture off-shore. Look at the ongoing dramas in the Australian state of Victoria and you can understand why many Kiwis are hesitant about buying a trans-Tasman airfare. You might be in the same boat! Little wonder that the old-fashioned New Zealand road trip is more appealing than ever before.

For reliable and comfortable travel up and down the length of our beautiful country, we have an extensive range of makes, models, sizes and vehicle types, with something for every budget. But all of our vehicles have one thing in common. You’re allowed to take them onto the Interislander and Bluebridge ferries to cross Cook Strait.

Not every rental car company allows you to do this. We let you do it because we know it will make your Kiwi road trip more enjoyable and hassle-free. For a start, It always takes a little while to become accustomed to a vehicle you’ve never driven before. But once you’ve become used to driving one of ours, then you can use the same vehicle for the duration of your holiday. That’s a real bonus, simply because you will be used to how it handles and performs, and that makes the driving experience more enjoyable and safer.

Another advantage of being able to take your rental vehicle on the ferry is you don’t have to unpack your gear at the ferry terminal in Wellington, take it onboard the ferry, and then pack it back into the new vehicle you collect in Picton (and vice versa, of course). Everything stays packed where it is as you drive on the ferry, and that seems like a pretty convenient way of doing things if you ask us.

Finally, by being able to take your hire vehicle onto the Interislander or Bluebridge ferry, you can drive off at your destination, be it Picton or Wellington, and resume your road trip straight away. You don’t have to call into a rental car office and go through the process of picking up a new vehicle for a new island. As efficient as our service is, we know you want to get straight back on the road without having to worry about doing another lot of paperwork.

By letting you take your rental vehicle across Cook Strait, we’re making your Kiwi road trip a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience. It might not sound like a big thing but believe us, many of our existing customers really appreciate the seamless travel from North to South – or South to North! So don’t let Cook Strait disrupt your road trip. Contact us and we’ll make it plain sailing.

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