How To Avoid High Airport Car Hire Costs

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Typically, airport car hire isn’t cheap; it costs more for a company to conduct business on airport property. Their expenses are higher than at another branch, which is why you’ll be charged more. However, there is a way to get cheap airport car hire – just follow these tips. 

Rent In The Off-Season 

Travelling in the off-season is always recommended because it’s cheaper, safer and there are fewer tourists at famous sightseeing spots. Car hire is no different. Because busy and quiet times fluctuate, you could get away with paying lower costs for car hire at the airport if you pick the right time to travel. 

Find Travel Buddies 

While travelling on your own might be easier for you, going with others makes the average cost of things more affordable. Sure, you’ll still have to pay for your plane tickets; however, the price you pay for airport car hire can be split amongst the group to make it cheaper. 

Be Flexible 

Although it’s not always easy to be flexible with your time when you’re booking an overseas holiday, you could find better rates for car hire if you move your dates around. Like plane tickets, car hire costs can vary depending on the date, so play around with different days in the off-season, and see if you can make a more significant saving. 

Get A Small Car 

If you’re going solo or travelling with your partner, consider hiring a smaller car. If you’re travelling on a budget and don’t want to pay too much for car hire at the airport, you might have to compromise comfort for a more favourable fee. You can still get where you need to be in a small city car, instead of a luxury saloon car, which will undoubtedly be more expensive. 

Compare Prices 

Unless you’re travelling to a country which has a tiny airport, you won’t be limited by the choice of car hire. At most international airports, there is always more than one rental brand to choose from. Shop around and compare the prices of the different car rental companies at the airport to get the cheapest ride available. 

Cheap airport car hire is possible if you know how to look for where there is leeway to be found. If you want to save on car hire, you can compare prices with other available service providers, be flexible with your dates, and choose a smaller car over a more spacious sedan. Use these tips the next time you’re travelling and looking for cheap airport car hire – you’ll find a saving somewhere. 

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