How To Pack Light For Your Next Trip

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

So, you’ve finally got a chance to take a break from everyday life and go exploring a new city or enjoying the relaxation of a much-needed holiday. Properly preparing in advance and getting the most out of your time off means knowing how to pack everything you need without needing to pack everything. We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips and remember, if you’re looking for car rental Dunedin, we offer a range of vehicles to pick from at very affordable rates

1) Control Your Space Options

If you’re not going away for a long time, don’t grab your largest suitcase because you want to be sure everything can fit. We tend to overpack and end up lugging a lot of unnecessary weight with us when we feel there’s ample room for all those ‘just in case’ items. A smaller suitcase immediately forces you to make very calculated decisions about how important the things you’re packing are, helping you to reduce your total luggage count to the only necessary minimum.

2) Make A-List

Prepare well beforehand by writing up a packing list and carefully thinking about each required item. If you start packing straight from your closet and drawers, you may well discover that you’ve picked two or three of one item and entirely forgot to bring another which you need. A list will also help you work out which clothing items will work together in combination and reduce the total amount of wardrobe you’ll take with you. 

3) Use Travel-Size Toiletries

You’re very unlikely to use up an entire bottle of shampoo throughout a weekend, so invest in small travel pack bottles and dispensers, or buy the travel-sized versions of your usual toiletries and makeup.

4) Check What You Don’t Need To Take Along

If you’re staying at a hotel or other facility, check what they have available as a standard service. If towels, hairdryers and the likes are standard room features, don’t waste space by taking your own along. 

Travelling is never easy, but it can all be made simple. We hope these tips help simplify your next holiday trip. Make sure that you’re well prepared and take these tips into account. To get you around your holiday location, for example, if you need a car hire in Dunedin, we have branches all across the country, so give us a call! NZ Rent a Car Dunedin is here for you.

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