Keep Your Distance While Going The Distance

Monday, June 15th, 2020

 If you’re looking for affordable van rentals in Nelson, then you’re not the only one. Our NZ Rent a Car office at Nelson airport is the perfect spot to start the great New Zealand road trip, and with worldwide travel being off the agenda for a while, that road trip is on the minds of many Kiwis. The smarter Kiwis among us are seeking to rent a van for their New Zealand adventure, and for good reason. Vans are roomy and comfortable, and this makes a road trip much more pleasurable. If you’re planning a driving adventure, maybe a van should be part of your thinking too? 

We reckon our rental vans are the perfect way to go when it comes to hitting the road for longer trips. When passengers pack for an extended road trip, there’s bound to be plenty of luggage and that can take up far too much room in a conventional family sedan. With our Nelson van hire, you have room for all the suitcases in the world and leave oodles of space for yourselves. The Kiwi road trip is often a long one, and with hours spent on the roads, your comfort and the comfort of all your passengers should be a prime consideration. So instead of hiring a car like you normally would, we recommend that you upsize for a while!

Whether it’s an SUV or even a minibus, a larger vehicle for your road holiday is worth thinking about for many reasons. They don’t cost that much more than a large sedan, they’re just as easy to drive they’re big on fuel economy and even bigger on space. From personal experience, we know how important that space factor is. We’ve seen many a family group return their van to our Nelson office, and to a person, they all say how happy they are that they chose a van. Each passenger had plenty of room around them, they were able to make themselves comfortable, and there was a happier vibe within the vehicle as a result. The entire holiday experience was much more pleasurable because they’d chosen a larger vehicle , so as far as they were concerned, it really was a good way to go.

At NZ Rent a Car at Nelson airport, we have vehicles for all situations. But if it’s a Kiwi road trip you’re planning, then we suggest you take a look at the larger options in our fleet. A holiday should be a fun and relaxing experience and enjoying a comfortable ride is a big part of that. So contact us and let’s talk about a vehicle where you can keep your distance while going the distance!  

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