The Most Affordable Ways To Rent A Car

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Times are tough, which is why bargain hunting can become second nature. Car rental is no different. When you need to hire a vehicle, looking for bargain car rentals is possible – if you follow these tips. 

Avoid Hiring At The Airport 

Hiring a vehicle at the airport will always be more expensive than from an off-airport location from the same company. There are higher expenses to cover by conducting business at the airport, hence why it’s more costly to get a rental from the airport. Try to avoid it if you can – you can even ask for rental companies near your hotel if you’re travelling. 

Shop Around Online

It’s never a good idea to go with the first service provider that you find. Look around and see what’s available to you. Familiarise yourself with the average prices of specific vehicles, and find one that suits your budget. You could be missing out on a bargain if you don’t look around, so start the search early. 

Opt For Economy Cars 

Economy cars are vehicles that are cheap to buy and run. Therefore, they’re generally the most affordable. If you’ve found a rental company with reasonable prices, ask if they have economy cars available. As long as if fits your requirements, an economy car will suit your budgetary constraints. 

Limit Yourself To One Driver 

When you hire a car, you can stipulate how many people will drive the vehicle while it’s in your care. For example, if you need to rent a car for a few weeks, you can put the details of your partner in the agreement, in case both of you need to use it. However, this costs more, so if you’re trying to save money, list only one driver. 

Leave The Extras 

Many vehicle rental companies provide extra services that you think will be helpful, but still cost more. GPS navigation devices, roadside assistance and baby seats can get expensive. If you need a GPS or a baby seat, you can use the system in your smartphone, and your own baby seat if you already have one. Roadside assistance isn’t a necessary expense, especially if you only need the vehicle for a day or two.

If you only need to rent a car for a few days, why not try to save as much money as possible? Some tricks allow you to make a bargain, such as avoiding airport costs and using your own GPS navigation system. The next time you need bargain car rentals, keep these tips in mind. 

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