No Lemons Here, We’re Legit!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

We are proud to provide the very best budget car rental in NZ. But don’t let the “budget” word fool you. While all of our New Zealand vehicle hire is very affordable, we don’t deal in lemons. As a member of the Rental Vehicle Association, it is our responsibility to adhere to the association’s Code of Ethics regarding safety, vehicle standards, premises, advertising and customer service.

Not every car rental company in NZ is a member of the RVA, so while they can also give you cut-price deals, they’re more likely to be cheap and nasty rather than just cheap. For example, while we have our own mechanics looking after our fleet of vehicles, maintenance can be something of an afterthought to companies who don’t have to follow the standards set by the Rental Vehicle Association. Then, when that vehicle breaks down (invariably in the middle of nowhere) that same company might be very hard to get hold of all of a sudden. That’s another benefit of dealing with a New Zealand car hire company that is a member of the RVA – our customer service extends beyond just a warm greeting at one of our branches.  We are duty-bound to offer ongoing support during the duration of the rental period – although having said that, our vehicles are so reliable and well-maintained that it’s unlikely you’ll need to contact us during your road trip. But, if things don’t go to plan, we’ll always be easy to get in touch with.

With many New Zealanders now planning road trips during the COVID period when the rest of the world is pretty much out of bounds, demand for rental vehicles has never been higher. If you’re one of those road-tripping Kiwis, we urge you to look beyond the price and dig a little deeper into the history and reputation of the NZ car hire companies that you come across during your research. If they’re not members of the Rental Vehicle Association like we are, then tread a little carefully. Their vehicle might be cheap, but it might also be a lemon. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our company is living proof that is possible to rent good-quality vehicles at extremely affordable prices while being totally above board at the same time. So don’t go cheap and nasty – go for value for money and all-round excellence. Contact us to see just how much true value and genuine customer service we can provide!

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