Three Reasons Why You Should Get A Cheap Van Hire For Your Next Vacation

Monday, March 30th, 2020

When people go on holiday, they try to pack everything they’re bringing with them into the car. Maybe they’ll need that extra blow-up mattress or more bedding. But there has to be some compromise – you can’t fit it all in, including the people going with you. But there is a solution to this problem, in cheap van hire

1) No Sacrifices Necessary

A big problem with going on holiday is trying to get everything to fit in the car. You want to make sure that you have everything you need, but space to store it can be lacking. If you’re going on a fishing or camping trip, there’s even more to pack! But if you’re struggling for storage space, you can get a cheap van hire, where everyone will be comfortable during the drive, and there’s enough space to store your gear. 

2) Vans Are More Comfortable 

When travelling to your holiday destination in the car, the boot will be packed to overflowing. The backseat will be filled with the kids and things to keep them busy on the drive, and everyone will be uncomfortable. You want to enjoy the ride as much as the vacation itself, but it’s difficult with unhappy children in the back seat. A cheap van hire provides more space for everyone, with enough legroom to stretch out cramped muscles. 

3) This Travel Is More Efficient

Many people enjoy going on holiday with friends and family. There’s more fun to be had if you’re in a group, but it can get expensive. With extra people coming along, you’ll need an additional vehicle, which doubles your fuel costs. You’d be better off hiring a cheap van for everyone to travel in. Vans can accommodate more than twelve people and their belongings, which means that not only will you save on travel costs, but it’s even cheaper if the expenses are split per person. 

When travelling long distances, you also need to stop for breaks every few hours. If you have two to three vehicles in convoy, that means that at least three people will need to rest if they’ve driven for too long. But with one van transporting everyone, the driver can relax when they need to, without worrying about who will drive in their place. 

When you’re still planning your next vacation, make everything easier and more affordable by booking a cheap van hire. You can split the costs with everyone coming with you, travel together, and have enough space to accommodate your luggage. 

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