Why Cheap Van Rentals Are Perfect For A Small Move

Friday, January 31st, 2020

If you’re moving into a new home, how much a couple would need to move in comparison to a student wouldn’t differ that much. There would still be one bed, two couches, etc. You might think a van is too small for you, but they’re more affordable and convenient – and big enough for what you’ll move. Here’s why you should use cheap van rentals when you’re moving. 

They’re The Perfect Size For Couples And Bachelors 

You can’t fit as much furniture in a one- or two-bedroom home than you could in a four-bedroom house. Couples, bachelors and students have much less to move than a family of five would. A family of five would need a moving team and a truck. A rental van would be too small for that kind of home, but not for couples, singletons and students. All you’d need is two trips in a rental van – one for the big items, and one for boxes and smaller pieces. 

Vans Are Enclosed 

Vans are a bit bigger than trailers but can fit bigger loads because they’re enclosed. When you use a trailer, you have to make sure that your load isn’t too highly packed, and that everything is strapped down. However, inside a van, you can stack your belongings in a way that maximises on space and minimises the chance of losing the load on the road. 

Making Multiple Trips Is More Convenient 

When a vehicle is easier to drive, making multiple trips becomes much more comfortable and less stressful. Rental vans are self-drive vehicles, but because they’re only slightly bigger than SUVs, they’re simple to drive. You can pack your belongings into the back and get accustomed to a new vehicle long before you reach your destination.

Manoeuvring A Van Is Easier Than A Trailer 

Parking and reversing can be a struggle when you have a trailer attached to your vehicle – especially if you’re not familiar with towing a trailer. Fortunately, vans are much more manageable to drive, reverse and park. The weight is more balanced, and the length of the car is shorter than a trailer, which means that getting in and out in a cheap van rental will be effortless and efficient. 

As a bachelor, a young couple, or a student, you shouldn’t need more than a cheap rental van to move into your new home. They’re a perfect size, which means that you’ll need two to three trips at most. You’ll save on time, money and effort. 

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