Queenstown Mountain Biking

Whatever you mountain biking style; scenic, endurance, downhill, cross country or freestyle, Queenstown has got the gear, guides and ground for you. The diverse terrain of the Queenstown region provides both rugged adrenaline pumping rides and more scenic family friendly trails for enthusiastic mountain bikers from all over New Zealand and around the world. 

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The wide variety of trails on offer provides multiple options for the novice through to more experienced rider. Most trails are available year round and can vary in length from an hour up to full day, or even multi day excursions, while providing access to some of the most superb scenery New Zealand has to offer. These world renowned trails will send you leisurely cruising over rolling flats, splashing though rivers, struggling up steep inclines and sailing down scenic native bush covered hillsides for an unforgettable mountain biking adventure in Queenstown.

The Gear

There are two main gear options for people when heading out on a mountain biking adventure in Queenstown; bringing your own bikes or hiring your gear locally.

The Guides

There are many, many tour operators offering a wide variety of options to suit every budget, time frame and request. Take a quick look through the iSITE website as a starting point, but it really depends on what kind of adventure you are seeking. Two options very popular with Downhillers that are worth mentioning are the Gondola-assisted and heli-biking rides.

Gondola-Assisted Bike Lift

Queenstown is home to New Zealand’s first Gondola assisted bike lift operating as part of the world renown Queenstown Bike Park. Experience the leisurely 450 m vertical rise in the Gondola, then gain easy access to one of New Zealand’s best mountain bike parks with over 30 world class downhill trails on offer.

The Park provides varying terrain for all abilities, with half day, full day, multi day and season passes available. Trail maps are available online as well as booking and track information.


Queenstown has several providers offering awesome back country heli-biking options. With more than 400km of trails across five mountain ranges, Queenstown offers the most heli-bike options, in one place, in the world.

This has to be the most epic way to experience some the best of the trails on offer, all while getting a scenic helicopter ride. The ultimate choice for serious Downhillers tailored tour options available. Popular heli-biking operators in Queenstown are Fat Tyre Heli Biking and Vertigo Bikes.

night mountain biking queenstown - Mountain Biking In Queenstown

The Ground

There are a huge variety of mountain biking trails available in and around the Queenstown area. The Department Of Conservation provides free access to a number of mountain biking trails ranging in difficulty from the easier; Bob’s Cove track with mixed terrain and only small climbs, following the shores of Lake Wakatipu to more intermediate cross country tracks in the Seven Mile Scenic Reserve which provides a network of fun trails incorporating berms, jumps and wooden log features. 

Advanced and expert riders would enjoy the Lake Dispute Track; it takes in a steep high country climb through native Pittosporums to Lake Dispute, a popular fishing spot.  

A good source of information on local Queenstown trails is The Queenstown Mountain Bike Club. They develop and maintain a wide variety of local mountain bike tracks that cater to all types of mountain bikers. The Club can provide a wealth of local advice and knowledge, helping point you in the right direction. 

Top Six Mountain Biking Trails In Queenstown

Always be sure to check out the difficulty ratings on your track prior to departure to make sure it will be suitable for your group and remember to respect any trail closures you may come across. Whether you’re looking for epic trail rides or extreme downhill adventures, Queenstown has it all! Whatever your choice, you won’t be disappointed.

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