What Should You Know About International Car Rentals?

Friday, February 28th, 2020

When you start planning to travel abroad, there’s a lot to consider. Other than paying for your ticket and packing a bag, you also need to organise travel visas, accommodation, and how you’ll get around. Although you can get cheap airport car rentals in New Zealand as soon as you land, there are still a few things you should know about international car rentals. 

Check The Rental Age Regulations 

When you travel, you’ll find that the driving laws in different countries vary accordingly. For example, even though you can get a license in the United States at sixteen, you won’t be able to use it to get a cheap airport car rental in New Zealand. Coincidentally, the legal driving age in New Zealand is also sixteen, but you have to be 25 to rent a car. Some rental companies allow for younger drivers, but would most likely charge an underage surcharge fee. 

Get Insured

Before you start packing, make sure that you have coverage by your insurance provider. Some insurance doesn’t cover you if you have an accident while driving overseas, so it’s best to look into it before you leave. You can get supplemental coverage so that you’re in line with the laws where you’re travelling to. Check-in with your insurance provider to see what they cover, and what they can recommend if they don’t provide coverage when you travel. 

Make Sure Your License Is Accepted 

You need a driver’s license to get a cheap airport car rental in New Zealand. And while some countries accept foreign driver’s licenses, such as if you’re from America, that doesn’t happen everywhere. Make sure that your driver’s license is accepted before you assume that you can walk into a car rental company at the airport. If your license isn’t in English, it needs to be translated at your embassy, or by a New Zealand Transport Agency service when you land. 

Familiarise Yourself With Payment Methods 

How do you know your usual payment method will be accepted when you land? You won’t be able to get a cheap airport car rental in New Zealand if you can’t pay for it. Most cases require a credit card so that you can pay online, but it’s best to check before you leave. 

Getting cheap airport car rentals in New Zealand is simple, as long as you have made the proper preparations beforehand. If you’re of age, with a payment method that they accept, and a valid driver’s license which has been authorised or translated, you’ll have no trouble at all. 

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