New Zealand Travel Guide For Australia

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

New Zealand and Australia have always had a close diplomatic relationship, as well as being close neighbours and friendly sporting competitors. For citizens of each country this makes travel between them exceedingly easy, and the level of documentation needed is fairly low. Still, it’s worthwhile making sure you understand any requirements and limitations before you go to ensure you make the most of this travel opportunity, which is why we’ve created a New Zealand travel guide for Australians.


Citizens and permanent residents of Australia can come to New Zealand for any reason and stay and work indefinitely. If you’re a citizen you’ll simply be allowed to enter the country upon arrival with no visa, and if you’re a permanent resident you will receive a residence permit that allows you to stay to a certain date (with options to extend). The only exception may be if you have previous criminal convictions, so check with the embassy if you do. Non-citizens and permanent residents can also apply for a visa at the embassy.


Like Aussie, New Zealand has very strict bio-security measures, especially when coming from a country with such a different ecosystem as Australia. Any food items must be declared and some foods such as honey, fruit, vegetables and meat are banned entirely in efforts to prevent the spread of diseases that could devastate local industries. Teas, seeds, plants and some animal products are also banned, so it’s a good idea to check New Zealand customs requirements before you arrive. You can also download this handy NZ Customs guide (PDF) which outlines what you need to know.


New Zealand and Australia have a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement in which citizens of each country will be covered for free for many essential procedures or care at a public hospital. However this doesn’t necessarily cover all health issues, and it’s highly advised that you take out traveller’s health insurance as well in case your illness or injury disrupts your flights, requires you to purchase additional accommodation or incurs other fees not covered by the free healthcare agreement.

Travel between New Zealand and Australia is usually as straightforward as hopping on a plane, but there are a few exceptions and limitations that make it worthwhile to check before you arrive.

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